1. The Gravity of Our Commitment
    Never Enough Hope

  2. The Optimist
    Crush Kill Destroy

  3. Long and Lonesome

  4. Working Up To Full Reflection
    Toby Summerfield

  5. The Gift Economy
    Never Enough Hope

  6. Exit Interview (slight return)
    Tim Daisy, Anton Hatwich, Keefe Jackson, Toby Summerfield

  7. Exit Interview
    Toby Summerfield and Friends

  8. The Ginger Group
    the Ginger Group

  9. Salmon/Summerfield Imaginary 10"

  10. When Somebody Else Didn't Come To Play

  11. "Aimless" Soundtrack

  12. Summerfield Trio plus Aram Shelton Live at the Skylark
    Summerfield Trio Plus Aram Shelton

  13. never enough hope live @ av-aeire 2008
    Never Enough Hope

  14. Never Enough Hope "s/t"
    Never Enough Hope

  15. The World's Largest Area
    Crush Kill Destroy

  16. Crush Kill Destroy Imaginary 7"
    Crush Kill Destroy

  17. Metric Midnight
    Crush Kill Destroy

  18. Pre-Metric Midnight Demos
    Crush Kill Destroy

  19. much action walking distance
    Crush Kill Destroy

  20. Punctuate our Phrases
    Crush Kill Destroy

  21. A Trip to California

  22. The Seas Are Still Not Full
    The Wheel On My Back

  23. Doctor T vs the Shel-tones
    Aram Shelton and Toby Summerfield

  24. Relics of the Thing
    Blindspot Trio

  25. hearing from the gap, firefly 7/2/2001 (first set)
    hearing from the gap

  26. hearing from the gap, firefly 7/2/2001 (set two)
    hearing from the gap

  27. hearing from the gap Middletown CT 9/11/2001
    hearing from the gap

  28. Health and Happiness for the New Year

  29. The Last Hurrah at 4th avenue
    Poignant Plecostomus

  30. Plecosto-planet
    Poignant Plecostomus

  31. Empoisson
    Poignant Plecostomus

  32. Touchez La Vache
    Poignant Plecostomus

  33. Cuisine
    Poignant Plecostomus

  34. The Atlas Pop Company
    The Atlas Pop Company


toby summerfield Williamsburg, Virginia

Born in Ann Arbor, 1978. Lived in Chicago 2001-2012. Composer, Improviser, Collaborator. Guitarist, Bassist.


  • Oct 28
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

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